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The Digimarc Platform

Platform Overview

Better Barcodes, Better Business

The Digimarc Discover® platform featuring Digimarc Barcode offers unmatched reliability and efficiency for automatically identifying media and almost any object, which has powerful implications for commerce, entertainment and more.

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Now Scanning: Every Surface, Every Sound

Scanners that sense the world around them will drive the future of shopping, manufacturing and a wide range of business and consumer applications. What you can’t see will help you.

News & Events


Digimarc Barcode Now Compatible with Honeywell Xenon™ Handheld Scanners

By incorporating the Digimarc Discover software as an optional capability, the Honeywell Xenon 1902 handheld scanners help cashiers scan Digimarc enhanced packages from any angle.Read More


Experts Discuss Product Transparency and Brand Strategy

GS1 US, Label Insight and Digimarc share insights on consumer demand for product transparency and how it influences brand strategy. Watch Webinar

Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics Adds Digimarc Barcode to Consumer Packaging Solutions

Digimarc announces Berry Plastics adds Digimarc Barcode to its consumer package solutions and becomes a new Digimarc partner. Read More

Success Stories

Portland Trailblazers

The Portland Trail Blazers offer the first FanScan feature in the NBA. Read More

New Seasons

Pacific Northwest grocer adopts Digimarc Barcode to speed checkout. Read More


BMW and Shazam Create First Digital Dealership. Read More